Wintering for your Rose Garden: An Important Fall Routine

Getting roses to over-winter successfully is no small feat if you live in a very cold climate. However, it can be done regardless of where you live, especially if you buy and plant very hardy rose varieties such as Explorer, Parkland and Buck roses. Many of the old fashioned roses will also do quite nicely—there’s a good reason they have been around as long as they have! Read the rest of this entry »

Growing Vegetables in the Fall and Winter

While the typical growing season for vegetables is from spring through late summer or early fall, in some cases for some vegetables, this growing season can be well extended. A winter vegetable garden for most growing zones isn't about planting crops in the winter, but it is about harvesting them in the winter. Here are some things gardeners do so that they can continue enjoying fresh vegetables into the winter, or at least through the first frosts of fall. Read the rest of this entry »

Window Gardens

Window gardens are a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of a garden when you have little to no space in your home. Apartment dwellers for instance, who have no patio space, often resort to having indoor gardens only. Window gardens can help them expand their gardens into an outdoor area, while making their apartment all the more attractive in the process. Read the rest of this entry »

Wildflower Ideas

Wildflower gardens are one of the easiest to plant and maintain, because you're growing flowers which are native to your area so they're already just right for the amount of sun, heat, and natural rainfall you get. They're also usually adapted to your basic soil conditions too, which means you can simply plant starter flowers, or scatter wildflower seeds in a general area, then let nature take its course. Read the rest of this entry »

Why You Should Plant Trees in Your Garden

Planting trees in your yard, garden, and landscape not only lends a different type of additional beauty, but it gives you many environmental benefits. Read the rest of this entry »

What to Compost

Many people new to gardening or composting often aren't sure exactly what they should put into their compost piles or bins. Once they learn some of the basics though, they find it's much easier to create rich compost for their gardens than they may have first suspected. So let's take a look at some of the best items to include in your own compost piles or bins. Read the rest of this entry »

Types of Herb Gardens

You could for instance, create an Italian herb garden for use in your Italian based meals and sauces. An Italian herb garden could include basil, garlic, onions, sage, chervil, parsley, and other herbs which are commonly used in Italian meals. Read the rest of this entry »


Treescaping is a broadly used term that encompasses a variety of definitions and ideas: 1. The art of choosing or designing a specific land area with trees. This may sound silly or strange but the concept is new and cutting edge. In today’s society, how often have you seen trees marked for destruction? They have the orange or yellow ribbons tied around them to signify whether they stay or go on the construction site. The sad truth is most builders and architects find it far easier to rip out the trees in order to build and replace them with smaller ones or bushes because it is more cost effective. What Treescaping means in terms of new construction is designing the building around the trees or keeping as many trees as possible. In other words, making the building design be eco-friendly rather than an eco-destroyer. Read the rest of this entry »

Tree Planting Tips

Not only do trees provide you with even more beauty, color and texture for your yard and garden, but they also provide your home with shade from the sun during the summer, they provide a wonderful gathering place for backyard barbecues, and they help keep the air around your home cleaner too. Read the rest of this entry »

Creating a Tea Garden

Creating a tea garden is one of the best types of gardens for a beginner to start with - especially if they love tea! Read the rest of this entry »