Creating a Tea Garden

Creating a tea garden is one of the best types of gardens for a beginner to start with – especially if they love tea!

Tea gardens can be created in almost any sized container, or they can be planted outside in the ground too. You can simply plant various types of herbal teas into a designated area of your yard, or create a more formal garden bed for your tea garden instead.

Growing different types of tea will give you a lot of pleasure in the actual planting and growing of the garden, plus you’ll be able to enjoy many different types of tea to drink in your home as well. Here are some suggestions of the types of plants to put into your tea garden:

1. Mint. There are a variety of mint tea plants such as spearmint, peppermint, and others – which can be easily planted indoors or out, and they grow quite quickly too. Mint is a strong and fast growing plant actually though, and it can become invasive if you’re not careful.

The best way to grow various types of mint plants is in a container. Whether you want the container inside or out doesn’t matter, it’s simply used to help contain the mint and keep it from invading the other areas of your garden. Containers can be used outside with mint even if you want the mint in a ground based tea garden too. Simply plant your mint seeds or starter seedling plants into any container you’d like – it doesn’t even have to be pretty – then plant that entire container into the ground.

Mint makes a wonderful tea all on its own, or you can use it to flavor lemonade, regular tea, salads and stews instead.

2. Lemon Balm. This is another fast growing herbal tea plant which can be grown inside or out, and in containers or in the ground. This herbal tea plant can get two to four feet tall at full growth, and it likes full to partial sun locations. This plant makes a wonderfully refreshing tea all by itself.

Lemon balm is also excellent to use for keeping various types of bugs and pests out of your garden, and you can rub the crushed leaves onto your skin to keep mosquitos away too.

3. Borage. This herb tastes a bit like cucumbers, and it’s often used in salads or other foods in addition to various types of drinks. This is an annual plant which grows to about three feet in height, and both leaves and flowers are used in teas, drinks, and foods.

4. Chamomile (Roman). This is an apple scented herb which works wonderfully just for walkways and paths, because it makes your entire yard and garden smell delicious. As a tea it also tastes like apple, so it tends to be a tea garden favorite for many gardeners. The flowers of this herb are what’s used for tea.

Chamomile only grows about three to twelve inches tall, and it prefers well drained, moist soil in either sun or partial shade.

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  • This is my first year growing borage. I am excited to play with it in my herbal teas. I need to start searching out recipes.

    • admin:

      Oh, how fun! Borage has multiple uses in the garden, and it’s just plain pretty, too! Borage tea seems to be one of those wonderful overall tonics! Would love to hear the benefits you get! -Bell

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