Garden Tools

Garden tools have come a long way from being your typical shovel, pail and rake. From collection tools to form fitting gloves to leaf scoops, just about anything implement imaginable is rapidly becoming a necessary item for your gardening equipment collection. The reason for the explosion of different and unique garden tools is the rejuvenation in gardening. Now more than ever, people are returning to their yards and creating fantastic landscapes and gardens. With this new found interest in gardening comes the entrepreneurial spirit of America and the inspired inventions to make your gardening tasks easier.

Even the traditional garden tools, such as rakes, shovels and spades, are all getting facelifts with soft spongy handles and vibrant colors. One of the more inventive ideas is a carry bag or tool bag to place all your smaller tools in and take with you through out the yard. Other innovations include water hose reels, kneeling pads, aerator shoes, weed poppers (the name explains the action used), electronic soil testers, and even sturdy aluminum garden carts that make the old fashioned wheel barrel obsolete.

There are garden tools for specific functions like bulb planters which make a perfectly sized hole in the soil to plant bulbs or pruning sheers which are designed purposely for trimming the smaller limbs, branches, flowers and vines. Here is a list of the more unique or eclectic garden tools currently on the market:

A Garden Apron – designed to hold tools and plants.

Form Fitting Gloves – made so you can still feel with them but durable and washable.

Rolling Nut Picker Upper – does just what it says thus saving your back and knees.

Wearable Gardening Seat – looks bizarre but the idea is a good one, the seat is attached to your backside.

Electric Tillers – great idea for turning up the soil in smaller areas.

Portable Garden Sink – a neat little table with a sink and counter space, just hook up the water hose and you set.

Trim & Snip Apron – now you have an apron to place those clippings in rather than the ground or bending over a trash sack.

Clean Air Garden Tools – you know those old fashioned things which use your muscle instead of gas or electricity.

As you can tell, gardening and the associated tools have dramatically changed in order to meet the demands of the modern consumer. So much so that today there exists two retailing giants who cater to gardeners and are quite successful at it. So the next time you stop in to one of these do-it-yourself stores, check out the garden tools and discover all the great innovations created to make your yard work a little easier on you.

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