Rose Garden Tips

Rose gardens are not as difficult to care for and maintain as many people seem to think. In fact, roses tend to be one of the easier plant species to grow. This is due in large part to the excellent plant stock that growers are now offering for sale.

Couple that with the superb plant food and pest control products and you can begin to understand why growing and caring for roses is really quite easy and a lot of fun. Their beauty is unsurpassed as is their fragrance and variety of sizes and colors. Do you know that roses date back to almost 35 million years ago? Setting up and maintaining your roses take a few simple steps to offer year round care.

Good healthy plants – this is a must. Inspect your roses prior to purchasing and make sure there are no bugs, dead or diseased limbs, and no fungus.

Correct placement – roses need to have full sunlight and soil that drains well. This is probably where many people unknowingly make their mistake; they plant the roses in partial or full shade.

Pruning – every spring and late fall your should prune the dead or dying limbs and if you wish to have constant blooms throughout the spring and summer, prune off the dead or dying blooms.

Preparing for winter – make sure and pile the soil or mulch up around the base of the rose bush. It isn’t freezing weather that kills a rose bush, it is the temperature fluctuation between warm and cold that will cause the roots to break and thus kills your plant.

Pest control – check for aphids, leaf cutter bees, Japanese beetles and spider mites. Use an effective yet safe pesticide designed to rid your roses of these little critters.

Fertilization – every spring, use a good application of fertilizer will go a long way to insuring a healthy plant and beautiful blooms.

Watering – depending upon the soil content, it usually best to give your roses a good soaking once a week. If your soil is very sandy, you should consider watering tow or three times a week. Make sure your roses have proper drainage as water pooling and staying in place for too long will cause rot.

By following these few rules will help you to have a beautiful and long living rose garden. Just remember that roses are not difficult and it can be extremely rewarding emotionally to have a gorgeous and healthy rose garden. You won’t believe the number of compliments you will receive!

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