What Is a Strawberry Pot

A strawberry pot is an urn like garden container, which has multiple openings scattered around the sides of the pot. This type of gardening pot allows you to plant things into the top as you would with any garden container, but it also allows you to plant small flowers, herbs, or other plants into various places on the side too.

When planted and cared for properly, a strawberry pot can be a beautiful creation of art. Because instead of just having plants which are spilling down the sides of your container, you actually have plants growing out from the sides too. And this is particularly beautiful with flowers or trailing vines.

Depending upon how the strawberry pot is designed though, it can be a bit problematic for making sure all of your small plants have enough water. Generally, when planting a strawberry pot, you first add soil to the main section, or middle of the pot. Once your soil level has reached the first outer layers of side openings, you then plant small flowers, herbs, or other things you like to grow which don’t get too large at maturity.

Each small opening is filled with the soil of your choice, your small plant, and ideally some type of mulch. You continue in this manner, alternating between adding the small side plants and adding more soil into the main section of the plant, until the strawberry pot is ready for it’s top plant. You then put that top plant into place, add a layer of mulch to it too, and your new pot is finished.

Now, because the small side openings are small, it can be difficult to water each individual plant separately. And unfortunately when you try to water from the top of your strawberry pot, it can sometimes mean that only the higher plants are getting enough water, and the lower ones will start to die out.

One way to combat this problem though, is to put a small PVC pipe into the middle of your pot while you’re filling and planting it. Drill small holes into the pipe a few inches apart before putting it into your strawberry pot, and these will provide a watering system for your lower plants. Be sure your pipe is long enough to extend a half inch or so above the soil of your top plant too. Then, each time you water the plants in your strawberry plant, simply fill the PVC pipe with water so that it can drain out the holes and provide water to the lower areas of plants.

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