Why You Should Plant Trees in Your Garden

Planting trees in your yard, garden, and landscape not only lends a different type of additional beauty, but it gives you many environmental benefits.

Trees come in all shapes and sizes. Many trees even produce flowers and these add an extra beauty element to any garden. Some types of flowering trees are wonderfully fragrant too, plus they’ll give you an amazing color show at various times of the year.

There are even trees which look stunning in the winter time too, even without leaves or flowers. Their bark and shape is what makes them stand out so well… some having bark of various colors, and others having unusual striking textures that look wonderful with or without snow cover.

In fact, traditional Japanese gardens are planted with all seasons in mind. When a tree is added to the garden, it is selected based on how it looks for every season of the year. This is because the Japanese feel a garden should be beautiful and enjoyable throughout all seasons.

Having trees around your home is also a natural way to moderate the temperatures both inside and out. When you have flowering trees or even just plain trees with many healthy leaves near your home in the summer, it helps block the sunlight and heat that’s so prevalent in the summer time. This gives you a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the outdoors, yet it also helps you use less energy inside your home too because your air conditioning system does not have to work quite so hard.

In the winter time, those trees which shed their leaves and become bare are actually helping you and your home too. The bareness of them allows the sun to reach you more easily at a time of year when the sun strength is weaker. This helps provide you with extra warmth and sunshine when you’re sitting outside, plus it allows more of the sun to enter your home which in turn helps to warm the house naturally – and save on winter heating bills.

Another wonderful way both trees or bushes can be used is as a wind block. If you live in an area which gets strong winds at different times of the year, you know how problematic this can become at times. By planting a row of trees or large bushes, you can effectively create a natural barrier that helps to break up the wind.

You’re also helping to insulate your home a bit better too, because the wind is not strong enough to try to penetrate inside your home as much as it might without a natural wind block in place.

So if you haven’t yet planted trees in your own garden or landscape, start looking into the many varieties there are to choose from, and see if one or more might fit perfectly with your current designs and needs.

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