Wildflower Ideas

Wildflower gardens are one of the easiest to plant and maintain, because you’re growing flowers which are native to your area so they’re already just right for the amount of sun, heat, and natural rainfall you get. They’re also usually adapted to your basic soil conditions too, which means you can simply plant starter flowers, or scatter wildflower seeds in a general area, then let nature take its course.

Most people start their first wildflower garden by purchasing a seed mixture at the store. These can come in small packets, or larger canisters that you simply shake around the area you want flowers to grow in.

And that’s really all there is to it when you choose to plant your wildflowers this way. Simply select a spot in your yard or garden, or create a garden bed specifically for the wildflowers to grow in, then scatter the seeds. If your seeds are small, you can spread them more uniformly by mixing them into some topsoil or compost first, then spreading that evenly in your garden bed instead.

If you want a more specific look to your wild flower garden though, you may want to select specific seeds to plant, or purchase small seedling plants instead. Creating your wild flower garden this way will allow you to choose the colors, sizes, and textures you want planted in your garden.

If you wanted a wildflower garden which consists of blue and white flowers for instance, you could have one by making sure to select only those seeds or plants which product blue or white flowers.

Some wildflowers grow best in shady areas too, and these are those which grow naturally in woodland areas. So if you decided to put a wildflower garden into the shadiest spot of your yard, you’d want to be sure you’re selecting flowers which actually grow in those conditions naturally.

Shade wildflower gardens might include Wild Geraniums, Wild Columbine, Shooting Star and Bloodroot.

Other wildflowers do best in open fields however, thus those would be the ones to plant in the sunniest areas of your yard and garden.

You can also create wildflower gardens which are designed to attract butterflies, or you can create a wildflower garden which you’ll use for cut flowers to place in vases inside your home. There are also wildflower gardens which can be created for xeriscaping, and those which work wonderfully as rock gardens too.

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