Window Gardens

Window Gardens: A Beautiful Option for Small Space Gardening

Window gardens are a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of a garden when you have little to no space in your home. Apartment dwellers for instance, who have no patio space, often resort to having indoor gardens only. Window gardens can help them expand their gardens into an outdoor area, while making their apartment all the more attractive in the process.

Window gardens aren’t just for apartment dwellers though. They make a wonderful accent to stand alone homes as well, and they’re quite decorative too so they can dramatically enhance the overall curb appeal of your home.

Window gardens do have practical applications besides space saving. If for instance, you have problems with children or animals destroying your ground-based garden areas, putting in window gardens helps to reduce and eliminate these problems.

Window gardens are also wonderful places to create bird and butterfly gardens, because the raised position makes it much safer for these delicate creatures to feed.

Before starting your window garden, you’ll need to choose which type of container you’ll be using. Begin by measuring the window which will feature your new garden. Once you know the space you have available, then you can visit the store and pick out the window garden container which fits space wise, and which fits the overall look or design you’d like to have.

Window garden containers come in plastic, wood, metal, and various other materials, plus they can have elaborate designs, simple designs, or no designs at all. So if the exterior of your home is designed to look like a Victorian Cottage, you might not want to put an adobe colored plastic window garden container in, because that would not compliment your overall look.

Once you have the container chosen, you’re ready to buy your plants and accessories. Keep in mind the window you’ve chosen for the garden, and know how much sunlight that particular window gets. Then choose plants which will thrive with that amount of sunlight.

A window container garden can be created with just one type of plant if you’d like and even one flower color, too. You could have a window garden filled with pink petunias for instance, or one filled with different types of wildflowers which all produce blue blooms.

Window and container gardens tend to be much more visually interesting though, when you choose a variety of flowers to plant together. Having different bloom colors really spices things up, and choosing plants with different textures adds another dimension of interest too. If you can, try to choose plants and flowers which will bloom at different times as well, so you’ll have continuous flowers throughout a longer period of the year.

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