Garden Shed Tips

Potting shed, garden tool shed, garden cottage...a shed can be purchased or built to fit any gardener's dream, including purpose, style and budget. Garden sheds are appreciated in the fall when it's time to bring in the tools and find some indoor gardening activities. Another big advantage of a garden shed is that as a potting shed it can shelter you from the rain or hot sun, providing you with your own special spot in the great outdoors. Here are some tips for selecting or designing such a shed. Read the rest of this entry »

Garden Potting Shed

A garden potting shed is a must have accessory for any avid gardener. By putting a nice garden potting shed out in the back yard, gardeners in all areas of the country can enjoy gardening activities almost year round. A garden potting shed can be used for simple garden tool and supply storage, but it's ideal for starting plants from seed, overwintering your flower bulbs, and sometimes even using as a small greenhouse to get a head start on springtime. Read the rest of this entry »